Kyungsoo is my ultimate bias!!! i will just reblog from another tumblr. and some bap or infinite
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Since the first ep there's been speculation that Kyungsoo's character was a figment/hallucination that Insung's character created. Especially when Hae Soo couldn't hear him at all when he said 'Noona you're pretty', the scene w/ Kangwoo's 'crush' that changed into an older woman when the camera panned back to her, and the running bit. This ep seemed to confirm with a lot of fans that Kyungsoo's character Kangwoo doesn't really exist (Including me I just stopped crying T_T)

madfromamyriad i never read what people think/comments after watch the first ep T__T that’s right!!! i feels really sad too when i knew about it (glad that i’m not crying >.<) i really like them together, they are like father and son, and they are so sweet with each other. and i think they can be a family (alongside with Kangwoo’s mother and Hae soo). But it was before i watched ep 4 T_________T